Suse Zine — Booya Burgoo!

An Ecclection of Randomness

About September 29, 2007

Hi. I’m Suse. Eventually, I will get around to posting more about myself here. In the meantime, I’ll tell you this much:

  • I am an ANGEL (even have been numbered and I am #1349) 🙂
  • I live in West-consin in a vinyl-sided, two-story log cabin.
  • I answer to Sue, Su, Suse, Susan, maybe even to “Hey, you!” Rarely will I acknowledge your existance if you use “Susie.” But as my grandfather used to say, “Don’t call me Late for Dinner.”
  • All you single women out there, be warned that in May 2000, the world’s greatest guy became MY husband and he is not available anymore. Keep looking, though, you may find a close second-place winner.
  • We have two cats who detest each other and have to live on separate floors of the house as a result. Both were strays. One “adopted” us; the other showed up in the barn at a friend’s farm and they offered her to us. We happily agreed.
  • I am a firm believer in God’s love, grace and mercy; and have about as much use for Pharisees as Jesus did.
  • I am creative, usually. Working on transforming myself from “writer” to “author.” When not typing something for a blog or toward that “author” goal, I can be found doing paper crafts, fabric crafts, needlework, and occasionally I even cook.
  • I am not good at vacuuming or anything domestic like that.
  • I recently started attending college again. It’s non-credit courses but I do love the learning, the being challenged, and meeting people with similar interests.
  • Eventually, I am going to start my own Rubber Stamp Company featuring my own unique style of doodled designs.

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